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Winning a Capricorn's Affection Being an Ideal Match Knowing What to Avoid Community Q&A Born from the 21st of December to the 20th of January, Capricorns are all about ambition, leadership, personal drive, and directness.

so let’s start: I’d like first to apologize for the typos I might have… nobody’s perfect) and I’m pretty much new in this country (I’ve been around for 2 years).The purpose of these tips on how to describe yourself is to help you do just that – successfully portray the real you.Most online dating profiles have three levels of “About Me” details, starting with basic (usually mandatory) details such as your gender and age.If you’re a woman, then the key words to include on your profile are “sexy”, “honest” and “confident” as 15%, 10% and 7% of men respectively are after these traits more so than anything else.In the meantime, stay well clear of describing yourself as shy (2%), trustworthy (1%) and, oddly enough, happy (0.3%).

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