Intimidating work environment

For these reasons many companies look for ways of reaching out to employees at all levels to gauge their satisfaction, and to look for ways of fixing issues of hostility before they get out of hand.

Other names for a hostile workplace may include “intimidating work environment,” “abusive work environment” or “offensive work environment.” There are a number of reasons people may use these terms to describe employment situations, but in most cases it comes down to interpersonal interactions and general patterns of relationships between people with authority and those who are, for workplace purposes, more inferior.

Aggression takes many forms–from intimidating tactics in meetings to sexual overtures—and can range from active to passive. ” this kind of aggression can unnerve most people and make them feel what they’ve said is not credible.

From scathing put-downs to pointed words like, “Really? I experienced aggression in meetings when I was a young speechwriter as part of a PR team of bright professionals.

The law provides for discipline of employees who perpetrate such harassment regardless of whether it occurs after scheduled work hours or outside of the location of work.

It is a condition of this rule that the hostile actions be based on the victim's race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability or sex, also referred to as "protected class." As soon as you file your complaint, the person who has been harassing you is prohibited from further communicating with you about the situation.

Despite the talent in the room, our boss attacked everyone who spoke.

We soon realized that saying nothing was the best approach.

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In the event that you have lost your job in retaliation for speaking up about harassment, we can help you take legal action over wrongful termination, with the goal of recovering damages and possibly being reinstated to your position.

Under federal law, harassment includes the creation of a hostile work environment.

A workplace becomes “hostile” when harassment based on a protected characteristic is so pervasive that it is abusive.

One bright vice president told me that when she had one-on-one meetings with her boss, he would stare at her the whole time, trying to break her.

Understanding Hostile Work Environments Gathering Evidence Reporting to Administrative Agencies Suing for Harassment Community Q&A Harassment comes in many forms and involves more than touching or making “quid pro quo” offers where continued employment is offered in exchange for sexual favors.

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