Updating nrpt direct access settings error

So digging a bit deeper I found that it creates a WMI filter in Group Policy called “Direct Access – Laptop only WMI filter” and adds the “Direct Access Client Settings” GPO to that filter.

Below I break down what the filter is and give some information on how you can create your own WMI filter for Group Policies.

The NLS itself is nothing more than a web server with an SSL certificate installed.

An odd thing I noticed is that under the name of the network connection (Local Area Network) rather than displaying the domain name as I would expect, but rather the name of a VLAN we used to use.

I'm hesitant to remove the computer from the domain, in case I cannot join it again.

Other clients in the same network are working just fine.

The current workaround is to put entries in the hosts file for the most important hosts for services the user may need to use.

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