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Ex-party girl Jaime recently opened up about turning 30: "I am beginning to calm down.

There was a time when I was going to all the parties, but now I am more selective."I think it is a natural part of getting a bit older.

Much of a teens violent behavior, too, is learned from what they have seen at home, what they experience with their friends, and what they see on television and hear on the radio.

Think about it, all a young person has to do now is to turn on the TV to see all types of “reality” television to see the characters turning over tables, yelling in people’s faces and literally beating other people up in order to get their way.

Wearing a pink woolly hat and a casual lilac top, the 30-year-old wrote: "Me and @james_suckling are very pleased that we are having a bab."So magic, I'm going to be a mama. I love you @jaimewinstone @james_suckling."Jaime, who previously dated Lily Allen’s brother Alfie, is thought to have been seeing musician James since earlier this year.

Here is auntie @miquitaoliver having a cuddle xxx."Presenter Miquita 31, looked delighted for her pal as she tenderly rested a hand on her burgeoning belly. Her beau is also believed to have two children, sons Ruffus and Hudson - whom he named a clothing lune after - with former partner Lucy Brice, the Mail Online revealed.

TV executives are thinking more about their ratings than they are about the message they are sending to youth.

After seeing how their parents and friends handle violence, and seeing it negatively reinforced on television, teens may begin to: The short and long term effects for teens can be devastating, effecting their scholastic performance, encourage them to turn to alcohol and/or drugs to cope, attempt suicide, or become an abuser themselves. The House of Ruth has detailed three warning signs that should alert you that your child is being abused by their girlfriend or boyfriend: No one knows your child like you do.

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The billing promises, “two days, 20 DJs and 20,000 bagels”, each stuffed by head chef Owen Kenworthy, celebrated graduate of Brawn in E2, and his team with one of four fillings: salt beef and English mustard (“traditional Jewish fare”), egg mayonnaise, smoked aubergine and pepper, and Tanqueray-infused salmon and cream cheese (the gin brand is a partner for the event).

I like being at home with my family and hanging out in the garden," she added, during an interview with the Evening Standard.

After spending five years working in the US, living in LA then New York, the former T4 presenter from Walthamstow has been lured back." I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed London until I was here last Christmas for the first time in two years, and then I had an out-of-body experience in M&S over a trifle,” she says with her distinctive throaty laugh.

Her dad, Michael Gove, had indicated that he would become the first Conservative Education Secretary to send his offspring to a state school, and reports over the weekend suggested that Holland Park, west London’s “socialist Eton”, was one of the family’s six choices.

In fact, Grey Coat Hospital — a high- performing Christian academy school in Westminster — will be responsible for educating Beatrice.

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